Pearl bracelet with genuine or cultured pearls, freshwater pearls and imitation pearls. Stylish pearl jewelery at great prices online at Mister Bling! Pearls are frequently used in jewelery as pearl bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Genuine pearls come from mussels and are available in both freshwater and saltwater. The saltwater pearls fished up is more rare and much more expensive. These come mainly from Japan and China. Pearls comes in many colors, but mostly white. You can also find pearls in pink, silver, cream, gold, green, blue and black color. Pearls may have a shelf life of 100-150 years. The maintenance of pearls is essential to their life. Read our care instructions please. Artificial pearls are usually made of glass, ceramic, plastic, wood or metal. Choose your favorite pearl bracelets and shop safely online!

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